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Sirius Stiletto 2

I got a Sirius Stiletto 2 last week and I am loving it.

I really didn’t need it but since I’m trying to better organize and manage my time better, I decided to take the plunge. I got it off of EBay for $230 where it retails for around $300 – so I saved a couple of bucks.

The main reason I got it was because I love Howard Stern. I’m retarded for him. I usually end up listening to his replay on Howard 100 but that doesn’t usually end till 2. So, I’m stuck in the house till then usually. I know, I’m an idiot.

With this baby, you can set it to record over a 100 hours of music or talk radio. Transfer mp3’s from your music collection and add memory buy adding a microSD card. It has built in WiFi and and from what I understand, it even makes you breakfast. All this and it’s portable! I used it ridding my bike this weekend.

I know Sirius and XM are (hopefully) about to merge and that there will be newer and better products out on the market soon, but using this is a great way to add hours to my day. If you’re thinking about getting one, do yourself a favor – buy it!

Click here to learn how to record internet audio

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