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Randomness – A Cat Eating Spaghetti

The Third Story at the La Jolla Playhouse

My girlfriend and I went to see The Third Story last night at the La Jolla Playhouse.

It starred Charles Busch, the cross-dressing and talented writer/actor of such plays as The Tale Of The Allergist’s Wife and Psycho Beach Party. He also wrote this show and stars in it as well.

The show centers around 3 stories. One is a fairy tale about a Russian Princess and a witch, a B-Movie parody about a mob queen and a final story of a mother and son screenwriting team.

All of the actors play several roles (except Scott Parkinson who plays Zygote) and they all do a fine job… but the show STUNK. I mean, I was bored and so was my girlfriend… and she likes most of the things we see.I only laughed out loud 3 or 4 times… and this was supposed to be a comedy?

I realize that it was still in previews and that shows can change by the time it officially opens but this show would have to change drastically if it were to get any better in my opinion.

Now for full disclosure, we did come out of the theater and heard some people saying that the show was really good. Those must have been the insane members of the audience.

Here’s the cast list from Playbill:

The Third Story’s cast includes Busch (Baba Yaga/Queenie Bartlett) of Die, Mommie, Die!; Tony Award nominee Mary Beth Peil (Peg/Dr. Rutenspitz) of the recent Nine and Sunday in the Park With George; Jonathan Walker (Drew/Steve) of Broadway’s Twentieth Century; Jennifer Van Dyck (Constance Hudson) of Broadway’s Hedda Gabler; Scott Parkinson (Zygote) of Broadway’s The Coast of Utopia; and Rebecca Levy (Vasalisa/Verna/Miss Tinsley), a third-year MFA student at UC San Diego who has also performed in Lulu at Harvard University.

Traveling to San Francisco

http://www.infohostels.com/immagini/san%20francisco.jpgMy girlfriend and I went to San Francisco for Labor Day weekend. I’d never been there before and I really loved the city. 

We stayed in the SOMA district, right next to Union Square. Took the cable cars everywhere we could, rode our bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito, went to Alcatraz and hung out on the wharf – they have great fresh seafood there! It was a really nice, fun time.

I did notice several things while I was there though.

http://alpha2.bmc.uu.se/gerard/dombo/pics/ugly_001.jpg1) There weren’t a lot of hot chicks. I traveled all over the city… what the hell? Were they away for the weekend? Was I in the wrong part of town? There has to be great looking women walking around – where were they?

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t310/TruSlide50/FatBlackAssponcho.jpg2) Fat, young black women are obnixious and think they own the world. Now, I’m not racist in the slightest – my girlfriend is black. Ok, not really. I just wanted some cred. Anyway, we were on the cable cars and 5 huge, huge black girls came on board. The car was full – packed with families and older people – and these bitches start to talk loud, forcing everyone to listen to their conversation. One girl starts to talk about her pussy and how she had to go to the Dr. I swear I’m not making this up. Finally, one brave soul – a hispanic guy with 2 young kids, asked them to settle down cause there were kids listening. The one girl was like, “Huh? You talking to me? What did I say?” The guy said, “You were just saying some dirty things kids shouldnt hear.” She was like, “Oh, you mean talking about my pussy? I’m sorry bout that.” Then they started laughing. Each person on that car wanted to tell these whores to shut the fuck up… But thankfully, these worthless pieces of crap got off at the next stop. Hopefully they will all die soon.

Other than that – San Francisco was great!

Rude People: Pet Sitter

My girlfriend and I are going out of town for Labor Day so I needed someone to look after my cat for a couple days. Nothing big, just come over and check in on her. She’s been sick so I just wanted to make sure she would be ok while we were gone.

I started calling some pet sitters and leaving messages. At some point I found an blurb in this magazine called, Animal Magazine – original name I know. Anyway, I called and the woman answered.

It went like this:

Me: Hi, I’m looking for a pet sitter for my cat this weekend.

Woman: Whats that awful noise? (The noise was the trash truck outside of my apartment building backing up. You know, that beep beep noise?)
Me: Oh, thats the trash truck. Sorry about that.
Woman: I can hardly hear you over that racket.
Me: I’m sorry… anyway, I’m going out of town this weekend and…
Woman: This weekend? That’s too short notice. (I called on Tuesday).
Me:Yeah, I know… sorry. Again.
Woman: (clearly frustrated with me) Where do you live?
Me: Downtown.
Woman: Why would you call me? I only do Little Italy.
Me: Oh, well, I live right next to there. Like the next street over.
Woman: Did you look at my website? I only serve Little Italy.
Me: I didn’t see your website. I’m looking at a post in Animal Magazine. It says here you do downtown and Little Italy.
Woman: It doesnt say that. I only do Little Italy.
Me: I’m looking at it right now… it says Little Italy.
: I can’t do this. It’s too short notice and I only do…
Me: Little Italy, I know.

Then I hang up.

Why would she be so rude to a potential customer? And if she finally decided to bless me with her services, do you think I’d let such a bitch take care of my cat?

Anyway, her website is:   www.whiskersnwings2.com

And if you look at the site, it clearly says serving downtown San Diego.

Now I’m angry again.

Why are people so rude?

The past couple weeks, I’ve encountered some of the rudest people. In my classes, on the phone and just walking around observing things.

I’m wondering if its me?

Whatever it is, it’s a total pain in the ass.. and I just end up being pissed off the rest of the day. I want to say something to these people but then I just look like a dick. I started wondering what I can I do to help stop this trend of people behaving badly.

I figured it out. I’m going to write about them. I’m going to post their names, websites, whatever info I can scrounge up on the person that’s been an a-hole to me.

Get ready… and F you.

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