My Mission

I originally started this website as my own personal blog… but then I got bored and just never updated it. I’m sure you know how it is… especially with Facebook and Twitter.

So,I decided to re-brand this website. I’m now going to document everything I’m doing with my other websites/blogs in my attempt to make a full time living online.

At the time of this writing, I run two websites (besides this one). One is a sports website dedicated to my favorite NFL football team and the other is an entertainment website.

The NFL website, I put almost zero effort in. Every year before the season starts, I create a simple Outlook calendar that I sell on the site. I make money from Google ads and the sale of the calendar. I don’t make much money from this site at all…but it pays for the hosting for all the sites.

The entertainment website is my main focus. I spend most of my time on this site…in fact, you could say that I’m obsessed with making it successful. I do interviews with actors and people in the entertainment industry, sell my own products, have direct advertisers and of course, Google Adsense.

I know there are a million site out there that tell you how to make money… but this will be my own personal diary of how I’m making money. My own trials and tribulations.

Anything you see on the sidebar (aside from Google Ads) are things I use myself. If you do a search on the product, I’ll explain why I’m using that particular product or service.

Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes and success!

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