Blog World 2009

blogworld_logoA couple weeks ago, I hauled my lazy butt to Las Vegas for Blog World 2009.

I initially didn’t know if I should attend or if I would get anything out of it but thankfully, I was wrong on both thoughts.

Walking the convention floor I made contact with a bunch of potential companies I could use to help with my website, get loaded down with tons of freebies and met some great people.

I didn’t go to the actual panels though. Why? It was $500 and I couldn’t afford the damn thing. Next year, I will though. Why again? Because I plan to be making enough money from my website that I’ll be able to afford things like that.

Oh, and let me tell you about another great aspect of the conference. The parties and free booze! Yup. Each party I went to had free drinks for at least an hour. And I took full advantage of that. I had 6 Red Bulls and Vodka in that hour.

So for that alone, Blog World was a success.

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