Rude People: Pet Sitter

My girlfriend and I are going out of town for Labor Day so I needed someone to look after my cat for a couple days. Nothing big, just come over and check in on her. She’s been sick so I just wanted to make sure she would be ok while we were gone.

I started calling some pet sitters and leaving messages. At some point I found an blurb in this magazine called, Animal Magazine – original name I know. Anyway, I called and the woman answered.

It went like this:

Me: Hi, I’m looking for a pet sitter for my cat this weekend.

Woman: Whats that awful noise? (The noise was the trash truck outside of my apartment building backing up. You know, that beep beep noise?)
Me: Oh, thats the trash truck. Sorry about that.
Woman: I can hardly hear you over that racket.
Me: I’m sorry… anyway, I’m going out of town this weekend and…
Woman: This weekend? That’s too short notice. (I called on Tuesday).
Me:Yeah, I know… sorry. Again.
Woman: (clearly frustrated with me) Where do you live?
Me: Downtown.
Woman: Why would you call me? I only do Little Italy.
Me: Oh, well, I live right next to there. Like the next street over.
Woman: Did you look at my website? I only serve Little Italy.
Me: I didn’t see your website. I’m looking at a post in Animal Magazine. It says here you do downtown and Little Italy.
Woman: It doesnt say that. I only do Little Italy.
Me: I’m looking at it right now… it says Little Italy.
: I can’t do this. It’s too short notice and I only do…
Me: Little Italy, I know.

Then I hang up.

Why would she be so rude to a potential customer? And if she finally decided to bless me with her services, do you think I’d let such a bitch take care of my cat?

Anyway, her website is:

And if you look at the site, it clearly says serving downtown San Diego.

Now I’m angry again.

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