My Cat, A Rabies Vaccine and Tons Of Vomit

IMG_0879 by you.I took my cat in for her rabies shot on Wednesday. I really didn’t think anything about it cause its a routine shot.

I brought her in, they gave her the shot and we left.  About a half hour later, she started to cry… then she started to vomit. After she threw up 3 more times, I brought her back to the vet.

They gave her some fluids and a shot of antihistamine and told me she should be fine.

When we got home, she seemed to be back to normal – I’m attributing that to the fluids. She ate a little bit and drank a ton of water.

Then about an hour later she started to cry again. She started looking for a corner but didnt make it and vomited all over the floor. I ran to her and she went into my closet where she projectiled all over my hand.

It was late by now so I couldnt bring her back to the Vet. I watched her all night and made sure she was doing ok. When I woke up the next day, she seemed better.

I gave her a little bit of soft food and thought we were out of the woods.


She again started to throw up so I rushed her back to the Vet.

They put us in our own room and we waited. And waited and waited. We waited for a freakin hour! I dont know who your Vet is… but Banfield – the one’s at all the Pet Smarts – stink with having you wait. I mean an hour wait for a sick cat??

Anyway, when they finally came to us, the Dr. (very nice and apologetic by the way) looked over my cat’s files and told me to NEVER give her another vaccination again. If she reacted to the rabies shot the next reaction could be worse.

They gave her more fluids, medication and some special food and after a couple days she was much better. She is attacking my feet as I write.

Has this ever happened to anyone?

Is this bad that I can’t get her vaccinated again?

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