Comic Con Goodness love Comic-Con.

Every July, thousands of people flock to the San Diego Convention Center in search of movie previews, celebrities, hot chicks dressed as Wonder Woman, tons of free crap and, oh yeah, comics.

The panels are the main reason I go every year. This year, Hugh Jackman made a surprise appearance shilling Wolverine – which I freakin missed! The Heroes cast was there and I missed them also – I went to the convention center an hour early and the line was seriously a mile long. People had slept there the night before so because of that I got screwed and missed Heroes and the Lost panel.

I did see three really great panels: Watchmen, Entertainment Weekly’s Visionary Filmmakers Panel and Kevin Smiths annual Saturday night fun fest.

I don’t want to go on to do a full blown review of the whole Convention cause there are a ton of them up already but If you ever get a chance to go for even one day, you gotta go.

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