Entrecard: My Thoughts and Tips

I had been hearing a ton of stuff about EntreCard lately so I decided to sign up and try it out.

Since I have more than one site, I created 2 accounts. One for this website and another for CatPuppy. I created my little 125×125 icons and hit the ground.

The first thing I noticed on both accounts was that the same 7 or so people immediately asked to advertise on my widget. The same exact people! And I created these accounts a couple days apart. Do they just sit by their little computers and refresh their Entrecard page every couple of minutes in search of fresh meat?

I began to notice that my traffic suddenly had a nice little spike. This was with barely dropping my card on anyone’s site. I did a little research and found that this may be a good tool to drive up my traffic.

I discovered that some people make it their daily goal to drop the magic 300 (this is what Entrecard allows you to drop a day).

Here’s how they do it:
– You have to have the FireFox browser.
– Go to the category that your blog is in. Once you’re in that section, take your mouse and hover it over the first icon. Click onto the CTRL button and that will open it into a new tab. Go through all 15 of the icons till you have 16 tabs open.
– You’ll have to individually go through each tab and open up the sites.
– Once all 15 are open, go to the top of the browser and click onto Bookmarks. Then Bookmark all tabs. A box will pop-up and you can now create a folder where all the new bookmarks have been placed. (Pretty cool, huh?)

They do this for up to 300 sites. I guess some people have nothing better to do? Any who…

– Once this is finished, you can now right click onto each separate folder and hit Open All In Tabs. Every bookmark in that folder will pop open.

Now, you can drop your card on each site. Its a pretty quick process but still.. it seems like a little much to me.

I did this yesterday for CatPuppy. I bookmarked all 91 sites that catered to Pets. This morning, I woke up and did the first 30…then I got bored. I think I’d like to generate traffic from people who actually ENJOY my sites rather than have people who just to use it as a marketing tool for a few seconds.

But like I said, this seems like a great way to move traffic to your site. Meaningless traffic, but traffic nonetheless.

One thing I did notice was that the bounce rate is pretty high. I’m not exactly sure what this could mean for any sort of ad revenue. Anyone have thoughts on this?

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