Quicktime Ruined My Day

Since my laptop is new, I havent put all my programs on it yet. I usually get around to doing that on a “when I need to use it” basis. This morning, I was messing around and saw a new movie trailer I hadnt watched yet and needed Quicktime (I wont say what trailer cause it’s a total chick movie).

I downloaded Quicktime and watched the Mama Mia trailer… uh, I mean, watched the trailer for the Angelina Jolie movie Wanted.

A little while later, I noticed that whenever I clicked onto a web page, it took a while to load. I was going nuts cause there was no reason for it.  I searched Google, disabled my firewall, plugged my connection directly into the router, and did a hundred other fixes. Nothing I did worked.

Since I have the worst memory ever, I finally remembered: I installed Quicktime.

I love Quicktime and in all the years I’ve used it, I have never ever had any sort of problem with it. But regardless, I was getting more and more frustrated and went to System Restore.

It deleted Quicktime and what do you know? I was back up and running like nothing was ever wrong.

Has anyone ever had that problem with Quicktime?

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