My Acting Website

I had finished my acting website. It was up and ready to go. I even started to write a couple posts…. then I looked at it and it just didn’t feel right.

Why? I don’t know. All of a sudden it just didn’t look good to me. The theme felt wrong.

So, I went to looking for themes again. I found a couple that looked pretty good and thought I could modify it to look like I wanted. I took my favorite theme of the bunch and spent a day modifying the CSS. Since, I’m still somewhat mediocre in that department it just never looked right. Buttons were out of place and when I would fix it on Firefox it looked screwed up on Internet Explorer. No matter what I tried, it just wouldn’t bend to what I wanted it to look like. Stupid CSS!

I gave up and went to my second choice.

It’s good learning this stuff on my own. I’m getting better and faster at it. My second choice only took me a couple of hours and I’m really liking how it looks.

Now after all this, I’m thinking about adding a forums section to the site. I’ve heard this can be time consuming – not the adding it part but monitoring of all the posts.

Anyone have experience with this? Either adding forums or monitoring this on your site? I’d love to hear your side of it.

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