Life Hack – The smartest thing I've ever done

Ok, not the smartest but it’s the biggest time saver.

I hate doing laundry – HATE IT – and the worst part about it is having to match socks together. It took forever.

One day, as I was matching sock to sock, I remembered a story about Jerry Lewis. Apparently, he only wears a pair of socks once and then gets rid of them.  I don’t remember why he did this, but I thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

Then I got an idea:

I got rid of all my socks, went to the store and bought 8 pairs of the same black socks and 8 pairs of the same white socks. Now when I do laundry, I just toss everything into one drawer and not worry about matching socks. They’re all the same.

No need to thank me.

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