Cleaning up and Ramping Up

Yesterday, I decided to a little early spring cleaning. I got rid of all the junk on my server at Dreamhost and started to get prepared starting up my other blogs.

I had a bunch of test blogs that I would try themes and widgets with and it was becoming a mess. I had no idea what was what, so I spent some time deleting all of them. I also created new  WordPress blogs at the domains I had registered a while back. Once I’m all finished, I’ll have 7 sites. Yeah, 7. How did I get myself into this?

Then I downloaded some new themes at  I totally recommend this website, it’s a great resource for themes, have a great search feature and are always updating their content.

Now, I’m going to spend my time getting the next 4 sites looking like I want them too, add my widgets and start adding content.

Easy right?

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