Tension Headaches suck (Updated)

I’ve had this freakin’ headache since Saturday – 6 days!

I went out on Friday night and drank…so I originally thought it was a small hangover (I never get hangover’s – I know, I’m blessed) but when it went into the evening, I got suspicious. I had already taken some Motrin but obviously that didn’t help. So, I popped some Tylenol.


I bought some Excedrin and started popping them. Still nothing. I’m still in pain and now it’s Monday. Tuesday, I go out and buy Excedrin Tension. Again, nothing! still don’t know what the deal is… I just want it gone so I decide to log onto Google to do some self-research.

Apparently I had a brain tumor.

If its on Google, its true, right? I call my Dr. and get an appointment for yesterday (Wednesday). Even tumors have to wait till there’s an opening in the schedule I’m guessing.

She gives me the neurological rundown and determines that I, in fact, do not have a tumor – YES!
“You can live with the pain or I can give you medication.” Um…hello?

I’m not one for drugs but if they can get rid of this pain, I’ll do anything. She gives me a prescription for Vicodin. I’ve taken them now for a day and they haven’t really helped. They are sort of masking the pain and make me feel like I’m drunk without the alcohol. I prefer to be drunk with the alcohol.

A friend just told me I should go to a chiropractor… I guess I’ll try that. I’ll do anything.

Tension headaches suck.

I went to the chiropractor last Thursday (the sounds I heard from my back were shocking) but I didn’t feel any better.

Friday, I went skiing and the whole ride up I was in pain. What was weird though, while I was skiing I didn’t have the headache.  That night, I went out with some friends and had some drinks (Some?? Many).  I woke up and felt better. What the heck?

As of today – Monday – I’m still having the headaches but not as bad. Now they are coming in waves and they are mostly in the mornings and at night.

I can’t wait till this is all over with.

Again, tension headaches suck.

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