My quest to get Page Ranked

I’m relatively new to blogging and especially blogging for money, so up until a couple weeks ago I had never heard of page rank – much less Alexa. Well, I think I hooked up with a girl named Alexa back in High School but let’s leave that for another blog.

Anyway, after Text Link Ads (click here for the post) denied me because I didn’t have a high enough ranking, I realized: I gotta get recognized.

So, I started my research.

Originally, I was just trying to get a Google Page Rank but then this Alexa thing kept coming up in my searches. If you’re reading this, you’ve read all the ways to get a high rank so I won’t go into it but just so you know I tried everything for about about 2 weeks. I did StumbleUpon, Technoratti, MyBlogLog, etc. I downloaded the Alexa toolbar on my laptop and my girlfriends. I still didn’t get a bump.

Then, I wrote this post on How to Hack the Verizon Voyager. I submitted it to Digg, Technoratti and StumbleUpon and then went about my usual day.

I woke up the next morning and saw that I had over 200 unique visitors. Holy Crap! I then looked at my ranking and I was listed. Already?? I was at 12, 956, 347. Ok, it wasnt the highest ranking but at least I was on the board. (Update: Since I started writing this post, I’ve since been Alexa ranked on my other two sites, UltimateRedskins & Catpuppy).

I still havent had any success at a Google Page Rank… but I’m trying. Anyone have any suggestions?

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