I love Dell

Yesterday, I posted that the screen on my laptop was loose and wrote about how to fix it.

I wish that was my only problem.

This morning, I opened up the lid and heard a crack, looked down and saw a bunch of little pieces on the ground. I let go of the lid and it fell flat to the ground.

The hinges broke – on both sides.

I have no idea how this happened but it kind of made sense since every time I opened it for the past week or so, I kept hearing a crackling noise.

I called Dell and told them what happened. Luckily, my warranty is still good and since I bought this through my old work, I have Gold Technical support.
They wanted me to send my laptop to them which I was cool with. I figured since I was sending it in, I might as well get something else fixed on it. I told them that it’s been getting increasingly hot. So hot sometimes that I have to turn it off.

They guy was like, “Is it dangerous? Has it caused any damage to any property? Has it hurt anyone? Did it melt anything?” No, no and no. But I still told him that it was really hot and uncomfortable to hold when it gets that hot.

That changed everything. It was now classified as a “safety hazard” and they would send me out a new one immediately.

“New what?” I asked.

“New Laptop”

I love Dell.

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