Hacking the Verizon Voyager to get Sirius Radio

I’ve been jealous of the iPhone since it came out so when I saw that Verizon had something coming out called the Voyager that was compatible, I had to have it. It was my Christmas present to myself and I love it. It’s everything I’ve wanted in a phone and what’s the best is that I didn’t have to switch providers to get it.

Anyway, I love Howard Stern and I’ve tried and tried to listen to Sirius Radio on the phone since day 1 but finally figured out it just wouldn’t work.

Then last week, I got an idea: What if I used my phone’s blue tooth and pair it with my PDA.

The first thing I did was to see if I could get Sirius to run on my PDA. I tried it and of course it didn’t work. My friend told me about Select Radio a couple weeks back. I installed that onto the PDA and it worked like a charm. I totally recommend it. Not only can you get Sirius, you can get XM and literally thousands of radio stations.

So, with that taken care of, I now tried to link up my phone and PDA. I knew it could be done because… well, why couldn’t it? Someone in the world had to have figured out how to do it.

Well, I was right.

After many different Google searches, I was led to Mark Venture’s Verizon Phone Info Page. I did all the configurations and gave it a try.

It connected to my phone and they started to talk. Every time it would connect though, it was always asking for the username and password. In the config, it tells you what they are but for some reason it didn’t accept it.

I tried it so many times without it working, I wanted to throw my PDA off my balcony (not my phone because it did nothing wrong. the PDA is the bastard step child in this senario).

Then, somehow I found the answer – on lgvoyager.com’s wiki page (Go all the way down to the Dial-Up Networking portion). All you have to do is go inside the Voyager and hack some of its code.

This took me most of the day but all in all it was totally easy. And now I can listen to Howard yell at BaBa Booey anywhere I go.

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