Denied: BlogRush

So, before I started this site I applied to BlogRush for UltimateRedskins. I got the referral from my friend at PhoFuki. He had started his site around the same time I did and I figured since he was accepted, I would be as well.

Well…as my luck has been going with these types of thing, I was denied.

Ok, fair enough. I didn’t even think about it again till I got my ranking on Alexa. I reapplied but this time for Bloggintown. I had to be a shoe-in, right?

Apparently not. Here’s what they wrote:

Your Blog Was Not Approved For Our Network
This message is to inform you that we have carefully reviewed your blog:


Your blog did not meet our strict quality criteria.

Therefore, your blog has not been approved for use in our network.

Please do not take this decision personally. We have decided to only approve the highest quality blogs for our network.

I won’t. A-Holes.

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