CPM = I'm an idiot

Idiot face Here’s another example of how much of an idiot I am: I just found out (or maybe that’s realized) what CPM means. Cost per 1000 impressions. So, for every 1000 views of your website, you get paid.

If you have the traffic of Yahoo, YouTube or MySpace this makes perfect sense. For people like me who still have a relatively small audience, this is bordering on stupidity.

How did I finally find this out? I logged onto Adbrite wondering why I had only made .11 cents in 2 months. Then I saw it: CPM.

I was using Adbrite just on CatPuppy and that’s only on the single post portion (as I wrote here) but still, .11 cents?? I had almost 400 visitors in the past month!

Why would anyone want to waste valuable space on their site using this type of ad?

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