Why is it so hard to find a theme?

Do you have this problem also?

I seem to spend so much time trying to find a theme. I go to all the WordPress theme sites, troll through them thinking that I’ll find that elusive theme that will make my site look incredible. 

I upload it to my server only to find I that I can’t adjust it to my needs. I’m still relatively new to css/code so, if I can’t find something within an hour, I give up.

Once, I even found a theme that had encoded the footer file. What?? So, I deleted it and that screwed up the css code. It was on a free site so why would someone do that? I tried in vain to recode it but that would have taken me forever so I had to go back and restore the footer.

Am I just too picky?

Does everyone have this problem or is it me?

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