I went to see U2 3D over the weekend and wow, I was amazed.

I love U2 and I had no idea this was even out yet so when I saw that it was playing locally, I dragged my butt to the theater to see it.

It was 3D and IMAX… so it was just incredible. When they guys first walked out and started singing Vertigo I got chills. They were right there in front of me – I could touch them almost… but I would have looked like an idiot if I reached out. I saw 2 shows in the last tour and this was almost as good.

There are were 2 points in the film that I could watch over and over again. The first was where The Edge was just standing there on stage looking out at the audience. He wasn’t playing or doing anything…just standing. And he looked pissed. It was just the coolest shot I’ve seen in a film in a while. Then a bit later, Bono was standing there almost doing the same thing…not singing just standing there and he looked like a King. I could just imagine what he was feeling… how good could that feel? You know he was was just loving it.

If you’re a fan of U2 you really have to see this. IMAX, 3D and U2 mix like Vodka & Red Bull. Perfect!

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