The beginning….

Since this is my first post, I’ll start at the beginning of this whole sha-bang.

I’m an actor. I’ve been in some tv shows, movies and commercials. Stuff you’ve probably seen or heard of.  I was going along doing auditions, taking classes and going to casting director workshops.

Then, on November 6th, the writers strike happened. 

I continued to take the workshops but after that first month, I couldn’t justify paying money for something that I wasn’t sure would benefit me anything. I take casting director workshops all the time and usually get called in for an audition. But since this strike was getting worse and worse by the day, I had no idea when it would be over so I just stopped everything.

So what was I going to do in the mean time?

A couple months earlier I had created my own personal website with Dreamweaver. With the learning curve it took me about a month I would guess. It was just something basic with my photos, resume and demo reel.  I had some friends who were making money on the web through Google’s AdSense. I was still new to this whole idea of making money through advertising on your website.

The more I hung out with them and did my own research, the more I felt, “I could do that.” Now let me state that they weren’t backing up the brinks truck. One friend was making about $200 a month (he’d been doing it for a while) and my other friend hasnt made his first $100 as of this writing.

So I decided to give it a try. I had nothing better to do. 

I signed up for Adsense and put it onto my site. I liked the way it looked and started to get addicted to logging onto the AdSense website seeing if I had made any money.  My brain started working overtime and I was hooked.

I wanted to do more. I bought my first domain and tried my hand at WordPress. It’s taken me a while to learn about code and all the plug-ins and themes associated with WordPress – and I’m still learning.

Thats basically it. Since then, I’ve bought a total of 7 domains. One is totally up and running ( and I’m a couple of days away from my second site being done. I’ll let you know what that is when it’s finished.

Please keep coming back for my updates, trials and thoughts on everything.

I hope you enjoy this site!

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