wp-includes/pluggable.php error!

I am in the midst of doing some minor changes on my Entertainment website (you know what, I’m just going to call it my website so I don’t have to keep writing that) so I created a test site on an unused domain.

I downloaded the theme I’m using now (Studio Press Lifestyle Theme) from Filezilla, zipped it up and uploaded it into my test site.

After I activated it, I began adding some plugins to make it look exactly like my current site. I activated one plug in and got an error. I didn’t keep the error code it gave me (sorry!).

I refreshed the site but the error was still there. I called Bluehost and they deleted the plug-in for me.

I did this several more times and kept getting the same error. I then decided to delete the WordPress install and just start from scratch.

Guess what, it did it AGAIN only this time I kept getting different errors, including this one: wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 865. Other errors I got were plug-in errors and errors when I was trying to log out of WordPress.

Out of frustration, I decided to try something else.  I went to BlueHost’s control panel and then to file manager and zipped up the theme from there instead of FileZilla. Once that was zipped, I downloaded it to my desktop and re-uploaded it to the test site.

Guess what? It worked.

No more problems.

Blog World 2009

blogworld_logoA couple weeks ago, I hauled my lazy butt to Las Vegas for Blog World 2009.

I initially didn’t know if I should attend or if I would get anything out of it but thankfully, I was wrong on both thoughts.

Walking the convention floor I made contact with a bunch of potential companies I could use to help with my website, get loaded down with tons of freebies and met some great people.

I didn’t go to the actual panels though. Why? It was $500 and I couldn’t afford the damn thing. Next year, I will though. Why again? Because I plan to be making enough money from my website that I’ll be able to afford things like that.

Oh, and let me tell you about another great aspect of the conference. The parties and free booze! Yup. Each party I went to had free drinks for at least an hour. And I took full advantage of that. I had 6 Red Bulls and Vodka in that hour.

So for that alone, Blog World was a success.

Bloggintown is starting back up!

Yup, I’ve decided to start this site up again.

It’s going to be my online diary of my attempts to make money online.

Stay tuned.

Hi-Res photo of Inauguration Day

Hamster kidnaps teen girl

I had a weird dream

Lately, I’ve been remembering my dreams… I usually never do but these past few weeks they’ve been sticking with me for some reason.

Last night I had an odd one.

I had tickets to go see the musical, Spring Awakening. For some reason, I took my cat with me. At some point in the show…she runs up to the stage and starts climbing up the curtain into the rafters.

I go to search for her and find another cat. Someone in the show tells me that its her twin. This cat is grey with long hair… definitely not her twin. So, I pick up the twin anyway.

I finally find my cat and bring them both back to my place.

Any ideas what this means?

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